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Step 1
Helping you to define your requirements:
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who will be using the space?
what are your priorities?
what budget do you have?
how will the space link to your existing property?
Step 2
Working together to produce a design:  
this could also include interior & landscape design.
Step 3  
Acquiring all stauatory permissions:  
planning, building regulations, listed building consent etc.
Step 4  
Producing architectural drawings :
We can produce precise architectural, technical and construction drawings that can then be used by a professional builder. Andrews Allen Associates' high quality drawings and specifications aid the professional builder to give accurate, competitive quotations. As a customer, you can be clear about what you are going to get and how much it will cost you.
Step 5  
The building works:  
We can competitively tender the building works, administrate & supervise the building works contract through to completion if required.
Ensuring the works are completed on programme, on budget & meeting the expectations of the client. As a Chartered professional we are able to certify payments & valuations as may be required by lending institutions or insurance warranty companies.